Why Hire a CPA?

Hiring a CPA is quite beneficial for the majority; let me explain with the following 7 steps: 
  • Tax Laws Change: The majority of people do not keep track of the new and ever-changing tax laws. If you are one of the majority and don't keep up with the new changes in tax laws, consulting with a well versed CPA is the route to go.
  • Improving Your Credit: There are many other tactics to help speed up the process to improve your credit score other than just paying your bills. For most people, they do not know all of these tactics; luckily, your accountant will.
  • Reducing Your Debt: Digging a hole only to find you can not see a clear opening to the top again can be frustrating. The great thing about hiring an accountant is the fact that they can negotiate with creditors, and prevent you from being bullied around. Consult with a CPA today to get help with reducing debt. 
  • Investments: If you are not a well versed stock investor then consulting with a CPA will help you immensely grow your portfolio to a profitable point. 
  • If You Earn More Than $200,000: If your annual income is greater than $200,000 a year, having an accountant to consult with is a great idea. Per financial advisors, the top earners are more likely to be audited. If you are one of the lucky few, you will want to have someone with a good financial understanding to be on your side helping guide you through the process.
  • You Have More than One Source of Income: If you have greater than one stream of income calling to speak with an accountant is a great idea. Your accountant can help you sort through just how to report everything in a correct manner; it can get overwhelming for you, but not for your accountant. 
  • You Work For Yourself: If you are self-employed or own your own business, hiring an accountant can help with all of the nitty gritty too. Hiring someone with advice in finance can help you find ways to lower your taxes that you might very well miss without your accountants help. 
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